Sammy Joseph Ministries Covenant Partner  
‘‘Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters, that send forth thither the feet of the ox and the ass’’
(Isaiah 32:20).

 Sammy Joseph Ministries Covenant Partner is defined as ‘one who shares equally with us our vision and aspirations.’ A minister needs the support of a partner as much as a partner requires the ministration of his/her minister! 

 Sammy Joseph Ministries Covenant Partner shares equally, her vision, passion, aims and goals. Our vision partners are co-laboring, co-sharing ‘burden-bearers’, hence; they are our vision/burden bearers. They emanate from all walks of life, ethnicities and nationalities, as the LORD of the harvest lays His burden upon their hearts. Partners may be individuals or groups of persons; they may be national or multi-national group of companies.
We assure you that your vital information are safeguarded in our secure database as recommended under the Data Protection Acts enforceable in each respective country where we operate. We shall also not sell and transfer your information to any third party.
Covenant Partners’ Commitment to SJM
Partners’ activities range from praying for our ministry daily, faithfully confessing God’s words over Rev Sammy and his family, unto faithful financially supporting the ministry to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth! Partners will also be expected to mass mobilize people to our Conventions and Speaking engagements as free SJM Covenant Partners’ passes are made available from our office at least a month prior to any event. SJM partners may also join intercessory teams, organizational and mobilization volunteers, ministry of helps, mass choirs at crusades organized by the ministry.
SJM’s Commitment to Her Partners

a.)   Our partners shall be continually prayed for and interceded for by the Senior Pastor and specially designated teams of prayer warriors;

b.)   Our partners shall be entitled to the prominent seats at ALL of our Crusades/Outreaches internationally (provided they can obtain their visas and purchase their returning tickets to and from venue, inclusive of hotel bookings in the City of our outreach);

c.)    Quality ministry products such as books, bibles and memorabilia sold at fixed prices in Bookshops (outside of ministry) shall first be offered to our partners at subsidized/reduced prices;

d.)   Monthly, up-to-date information about the happenings, tours, itinerary in the ministry of Rev. Sammy Joseph shall be sent out to our partners;                                                       

e.)   We endear partners to register their forwarding mailing details and e-mails on the ministry’s website for efficient tracking and dissemination of information.
For new partners' registration (or to sow a seed), please click on the
"Sow a Seed" Button.



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