bout Us

Our logo summerizes who we are:
The Harvestways Int’l Church’s logo combines the seven colors of the rainbow. This depicts the ethnic diversity of many nationalities as was envisioned to the visionary!

The Interpretation of the Harvestways logo:
The ‘h’ on the globe represents HARVESTWAYS. Its whiteness symbolizes the holiness and sanctification purchased for us on the Cross by Christ Jesus– and which we and our members MUST PURSUE and ENSUE in our bodies, souls and minds, so that we can see God.

  • The colorful globe illustrates the extent of our vision; we are a global movement; rightfully depicting the boundaries of the earth’s lands and peoples whom we aspire to reach.
  • The red fire flame on the ‘h’ symbolizes the supernatural anointing of the Holy Spirit on the Church and ministry as we run with the vision.
  • The golden hue on the ribbons upon which the name THE HARVESTWAYS INT’L CHURCH is engraved symbolizes the covenant of royale-ness and wealth as the LORD made with us.

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